About me

My name is Guy Shilo and I’m a Data engineer from Israel.

I’ve been dealing with data and IT for many years as a DBA, mostly on Oracle platforms.

In the last few years I witnessed the rise of new, distributed data storage and processing platforms such as Hadoop with all its sub projects, and a plethora of specialized NoSQL databases, search engines and distributed computing frameworks.

I found this brave new world very interesting and wanted to take part in it, so I started learning and experimenting on my own. I built my own experiment lab where I can install various clusters and test different scenarios, completed a Cloudera hadoop administrator certification (License 100-014-711) and I am continuously learning. I currently work as a Data Engineer at Oracle (yes, they do that too).

In this blog I will share my experience and my way to mastering Big Data technologies. I will cover hands-on scenarios involving the technologies I learned and try to avoid theoretical lectures such as “what is Hadoop ?”.

You can contact me at [email protected]


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